Realist. Designer. Creator.

Why "Oh, Sheila"? I don't know. Honestly, I thought it just sounded cool. Really. Ok, no, not really! Because... well it's kind of a long story, but it started at my day job, when people just started calling me "Sheila". I don't know why - maybe I look like a Sheila - but even though folks eventually learned my real name, Sheila just sort of stuck and some people still call me Sheila as a nickname. It's even been caught on by new people that have, from time to time, actually thought my real name was Sheila. Sheila is also commonly used when I'm being awnry - which is almost always - like when your mom probably calls you with your first and middle name - I'm just Sheila.

Ok, so my real name is Shelley, and you can currently find me in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Design is my passion. Always trying to add creative energy to my daily life - helping my daughter with her school projects, re-finishing a piece of worn-out furniture found at a thrift shop, cooking, grinding away on freelance projects (yes, I have a full-time career as well!), or doing yardwork - I take creativity seriously. Actually, I take everything seriously. But I also like to have fun, and I think good design is accomplished when actually having fun.

There is so much from my life that inspires me, and on a daily basis, I'm blown away by the little areas of my life that guide this inspiration. Everyday I discover new sources that make me re-think design (or what it should be) and fundamentally, directs how I approach it.

Ultimately, I think design needs to be functional. Yes, beautiful too. But, functional in a way that it explains ideas, concepts, or even allows one to gain something from it, even just at a glance.

Some things I'm fond of

Foodie, to the max. Family. Love, love coffee. Nature. Patterns. Gummy worms. Understanding mechanical processes. Maps. Cooking. Bold color. Rice cakes. Gardening. Robots. Boots and shoes. Owls. Bridges. Hand-crafted items. The list is endless. Here are some of my favorite pretties that represent who I am.